Germany (DDR) stamps

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The German Democratic Republic, informally called East Germany by the West, was the socialist state established in 1949 in the Soviet zone of occupied Germany and in the East Berlin portion of the Allied-occupied capital city. The German Democratic Republic, which consisted geographically of northeast Germany rather than all of eastern Germany, had an area of 107,771 km2. (41,610 mi.2), bordering Czechoslovakia in the south, West Germany (officially: Federal Republic of Germany) in the south and west, the Baltic Sea to the north, and Poland in the east.

In 1989 a popular uprising overthrew the Communists. The Soviets refused to intervene, and the country soon reunited with West Germany and is now part of Germany.

With the formation of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) the Deutsche Post of the GDR service was established as the governmental agency to provide mail services. Its first stamp was released on October 9, 1949. The production of these often beautiful stamps was prolific, about 3,000 different stamps were produced during the life of the existence of the DP, relatively low, however, was the number of semipostals. Stamps were to some degree used to gain currency abroad that is some stamps were not produced for circulation but sold directly to stamp dealers. Also, for some sets a specific stamp was produced at an intentionally low number - called a "Sperrwert" (lit. blocked stamp value, or stamp with limited release) - to artificially increase the value and sell it for more money to stamp dealers. With the 1990 reunification, the Deutsche Post became part of the Deutsche Bundespost.

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Scott: #B14P

Issued: 30.10.1949

Stamp Day

Inside #B14: Bavaria #1O

Scott: #B21O

Issued: 1.7.1950

Centenary of Saxony's First Stamp

Inside #B21: Saxony #1O

Scott: #B21aO

Scott: #91O

Issued: 28.10.1951

Stamp Day

Inside #91: Stamp Collecting

Scott: #112P

Issued: 26.10.1952

Stamp Day

Inside #112: Germany-DDR #55P

Scott: #178P

Issued: 25.10.1953

Stamp Day

Inside #178: Stamp on Envelope

Scott: #226P

Issued: 23.10.1954

Stamp Day

Inside #226: Unissued stamp (Germany-DDR type A48 desing)

Scott: #226aO

Scott: #632P

Issued: 25.10.1962

Stamp Day

Inside #632: Stamp Collecting

Scott: #723P, #B124-5P

Issued: 23.9.1964

National Stamp Exhibition

Inside #723: Germany-DDR #272P

Inside #B124: Germany-DDR #390P

Inside #B125: Germany-DDR #73P

Scott: #1115P

Issued: 4.6.1969

National Philatelic Exhibition

Inside #1115: Pseudo Stamp

Scott: #B160P

Issued: 1.10.1970

2nd National Youth Philatelic Exhibition

Inside #B160: Germany-DDR #460P

Scott: #B182O

Issued: 19.10.1976


Inside #B182: Perforations

Scott: #1838-9O

Issued: 16.8.1977


Inside #1838-9: Pseudo Stamp

Scott: #1838aO, #1839aO

Scott: #2030O

Issued: 7.8.1979

DDR '79, National Stamp Exhibition

Inside #2030: Pseudo Stamp

Scott: #2219-20P

Issued: 6.10.1981

Philatelists' Day

Inside #2220: G.B. 1/2d Postal Card (1875)O

Scott: #2817-9P

Issued: 8.5.1990

150th Anniversary, Penny Black

Inside #2817: G.B. #1 [S-D]

Visit: The Penny Black Plate project

Inside #2818: Saxony #1O

Inside #2819: Germany - DDR #48O

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